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Registered as a Dementia Friendly Community

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Bristol DAA was launched on 9th July 2013 following a public meeting asking the question “Is Bristol a Dementia Friendly City?”We decided to use the Purple Angel Campaign as introduced by Norms MacNamara of Torbay Dementia Action Alliance as our delivery tool.

The format and content of this meeting now forms our roadshow, which we plan to take around strategic places in the city enabling everyone to be included.


• Our aim is to enable Bristol to become “The Dementia Friendly City of the UK” by the end of 2015.

 • By visiting businesses/organisations within the Bristol area using the Purple Angel campaign “Dementia Guide” (initiated by the Torbay Dementia Action Alliance) to increase Dementia awareness (* from above)

• By running “Roadshows” in strategic locations in Bristiol with the aim of spreading Dementia awareness and getting “buy-In “ from local people
• By visiting schools, uniformed organisations, youth clubs etc. to increase Dementia awareness

• By running Purple Angel stalls at local markets, fayres, boot sales and other events

• By supporting Dementia Awareness Days.

• By supporting Memory Walks

• By helping people to link up with organisations offering help and support to people with Dementia and their carers, paticularly from the links page on our website.

• Working shoulder to shoulder with any group,organisation or individual seeking to help or support those people with Dementia and their carers.


Tony Hall – who is also carer for his wife Barbara who has had Frontal Temporal Dementia since 1999.


Meetings are called as and when required, due to us being an action group.

Projects Undertaken

In order to increase Dementia awareness, BDAA has undertaken projects as per our action plan, plus

· Working with Home and Overseas internet connections and International Alzheimer's Associations

· Supporting local people with dementia.

· Encouraging other areas to become dementia friendly.

· Campaigning for better care, activities and entertainment in care homes for people with dementia.

· Continuing to promote awareness both in UK and abroad.

· Working together with and alongside other Dementia care organisations and groups e.g Alzheimer’s Society, Carer’s Support Group etc.


In 2013 we have:-

· enabled over 100 businesses to become Purple Angels having made their staff Dementia Aware using the “Understanding Dementia” guide.

· run Purple Angel stalls at markets, fairs and other events to increase awareness.

· run a Dementia Awareness Day

· run an “Is Bristol a Dementia Friendly City?” roadshow

· attended Dementia Training

· attended Dementia Friends training

· supported the launch of Wadebridge, Portishead, Clevedon and Weston-Super-Mare DAA’s

In 2014, we plan to :-

· Continue the work started in 2013

· Start work in schools (starts January 2014)

· Work in Uniformed Organisations e,g. Brownies (starts January 2014)

· Run four “Is Bristol a Dementia Friendly City?” roadshows

· Support carers and people with dementia and supply assistance in all areas where possible.

How to join

Our current needs are:-

· Website support

· Visitors to businesses in Bristol

· Teachers/Ex-Teachers who can visit schools/uniformed organisations (e.g cubs/Brownies etc.) youth clubs


If you interested in joining, becoming a volunteer or require more information, please contact Tony Hall on

Tel: 0117 968 1002
Mob: 07849 403018
BDAA website :