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Peterborough Dementia Action Alliance Newsletter January 2015

Peterborough Dementia Action Alliance Newsletter February 2015 

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Peterborough City Council has held Dementia Steering Group since November 2012. Membership of this includes local voluntary sector organisations involved in supporting people with memory problems as well as Cambridgeshire clinical commissioning group and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust who deliver the Memory Clinic in Peterborough.

The Council’s strategy for people with dementia and their carers includes a commitment to making Peterborough a Dementia Friendly City. The Steering Group agreed that the best way to progress this initiative and open up involvement from local businesses was to develop a Local Action Alliance.

PDAA was launched on Feb 5th and had its inaugural meeting on the 11th March. At the meeting the terms of reference were discussed and current members shared their action plans. 4 projects were identified and will be progressed at sub groups, reporting back to the next Alliance meeting in June 2014.


The Peterborough Dementia Action Alliance aims to help develop Peterborough into a Dementia Friendly City. A place where people living with dementia and their carers are able to live well, they get the help they need in everyday life and are able to continue to do things they enjoy doing.

Its objectives are;

  • To place people with dementia and their carers at the centre of PDAA, thinking innovatively about how this can be achieved.
  • To collectively take actions that contribute to people with dementia and their carers feeling like Peterborough is an enabling and supportive environment.
  • To collectively share knowledge and ideas on making Peterborough dementia friendly
  • To raise awareness and understanding of dementia and dementia support services through the dementia friends movement and other community events
  • To spread the word about the Alliance and encourage organisations and businesses to join
  • To identify and develop projects for members to collectively deliver
  • To fund raise on behalf of the Alliance to pay for dementia friendly initiatives
  • To develop a dementia friendly booklet that describes dementia friendly places and activities in and around Peterborough
  • To award members who have delivered against their action plans with a “becoming dementia friendly” symbol

The Steering Group:

PDAA will meet at least four times a year. Members will be given at least 4 weeks notice of meetings. Meetings will be held over the lunch time period to encourage as many members to attend. 

PDAA will normally seek to reach decisions by consensus. If consensus cannot be reached, actions may be approved by a majority of those members present. A quorum shall be two thirds of the Board at the time in question.

The PDAA will be chaired, hosted and administered by Peterborough City Council for the first year. After this year the Alliance will identify and develop its own committee that will review governance arrangements.

Key points and actions will be recorded in minutes and circulated to all members no later than 7 days after the meeting.

Ongoing Projects:

  1. Community garden for the Dementia Resource Centre
  2. PDAA communication strategy
  3. Walking / Outdoor group
  4. Fundraising “Santa Run”


To be part of the Peterborough Dementia Action Alliance or to receive more information please contact:

Rob Henchy, Commissioning Manager at Peterborough City Council on 01733 452429


If you would like to make a donation to Peterborough DAA please do this by cheque making it out to:

Buckles Solicitors LLP - ref. PET 0161/0001 (Peterborough Dementia Action Alliance)

Please post it to:

FAO Peterborough Dementia Action Alliance  

c/o Buckles Solicitors

Grant House

101 Bourges Blvd, Peterborough


Volunteering Opportunities:

We are looking for volunteers in the Peterborough area.  If you have free time and want to help make a difference for people with dementia and their carers, please click on the link below to find out more information.

Volunteer recruitment information