York Dementia Action Alliance


York Dementia Action Alliance was established in 2013 and developed from a Joseph Rowntree Foundation action research project called ‘Dementia Without Walls’. The researchers worked with local people with dementia and their carers and families to find out what living in York means to them and in particular what makes life good and what makes it more difficult. 

York Dementia Action Alliance has built on the report's initial recommendations around raising awareness and tackling stigma, training and education so that service in shops, banks, transport etc was enhanced, looking beyond health and social care so that people could continue leisure and well being activities for longer, and place and community – looking at what makes places good for people with dementia and feeding it into future plans.

Across the wider community a range of diverse partners from business, statutory and voluntary organisations who supported the Dementia Without Walls project are now part of York Dementia Action Alliance.


  • To make York a good place for people with dementia to live and visit.
  • To bring people together as allies to support, encourage and inform each other in the aspiration to make York a dementia friendly city.
  • To be mindful of the values and standards, as per the recognition process for dementia friendly communities, ensuring that they are threaded through all changes made.
  • To increase natural support within the community for people with dementia and their carers.
  • To raise awareness and reduce stigma of dementia through learning and support networks thereby promoting inclusion.
  • To enable people to live the life they want to live.


Name                  Helen Mayor

E mail                  Helen.Mayor@yorkcvs.org.uk

Web                     www.yorkcvs.org.uk/yorkdaa

Twitter                @York_DAA 

How to join the York DAA

If you would like to be part of making a change to the lives of people living with dementia in York you can get involved and become a member of the York Dementia Action Alliance.

To join the DAA please complete an action plan. Your completed action plan will be submitted to the York Dementia Action Alliance Steering Group, before being publicly displayed on the DAA website. Members will be given a logo to display to show their commitment. Periodically the steering group may contact you to discuss how you are doing and offer any support. You will also be invited to York DAA meetings periodically, and receive the newsletter. 

If you would like support with the Action Plan, or have any questions, Dementia Forward will be happy to assist. Contact us on: 01765 645904 or info@dementiaforward.org.uk 



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