Launch of DAA's Seldom Heard Groups Campaign

Event Date:
Tuesday 19 September 2017
Royal College of Nursing

Dementia and seldom heard groupsThe DAA's 2017 campaign will look at post diagnostic support for people affected by dementia from seldom heard groups. Following June's roundtables, we will launch this campaign at this event. There are many different types of seldom heard groups, and our research has found that these people face additional barriers to accessing good health and social care, which is unfair and at times goes against their human rights.

Through the campaign, we will aim to:

- Raise awareness of some of the specific issues people with dementia from seldom heard groups encounter when trying to access good health and social care

- Bring about system-wide change through the roundtables and calls to action

- Bring about organisational change through the individual member commitments

The launch of this campaign will be held at the address below and further information will be provided in due course. 


Royal College of Nursing
20 Cavendish Square

This event is for National DAA members /individuals involved in the research for the roundtables.

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