Dementia Advocacy Network

Wednesday 27 February 2013

Dementia Action Network (DAN) collected 16 stories from dementia advocates around the UK which demonstrate the difference that having someone to speak up and fight their corner can make to the life of someone living with dementia. Here are some of them: 

  • Reducing antipsychotics dramatically changed Andrew’s world and allowed him to communicate, to make his own choices and experience a good quality of life. 
  • Bertram was supported through homelessness and multiple debts to get a diagnosis for his dementia, bringing some stability and hope to his chaotic life.
  • Frances and Betty are part of a close-knit family. But well-meaning social workers misunderstood this, and they were threatened with being broken up until their advocate listened to their views and took up their cause, recognising their fundamental rights under the Human Rights Act.
  • Kim was in financial and emotional chaos until his advocate helped him to manage his own finances and care plan, get legal advice, set up a lasting power of attorney, manage family conflict, and prevent further financial abuse by a family member.
  • Poor communication and service from several services and professionals meant that Samira and her daughter were struggling. The advocate supported them to challenge poor practice and get much needed services. 

Each story is placed in its wider context by being linked to current legislation, good practice in dementia care, or relevant statistics.  Reviews say the collection is ‘inspiring’, ‘punchy’ and a ‘powerful read’.  The stories show how a highly skilled, sensitive and persistent advocate can make a tangible difference to a person with dementia’s independence and quality of life. It is free to download from: